Frequently Asked Questions 

Below are some frequently asked questions in regards to Soukayna Lashes. If there is a  question you have that is not answered, please feel free to visit our contact page and submit your question!

How many times can you wear Soukayna Lashes?

The longevity of Soukayna lashes depends on how properly they are cared for. As long as you clean and remove lashes properly, they can be worn up to 20+ times. 

Can I put mascara over my Soukayna Lashes?

It is recommended to apply one or two coats of mascara prior to the application of your Soukayna Lashes so that your natural lashes blend in with the mink hair. Think about putting mascara on fur, you wouldn't want to do that! Avoiding applying mascara over the mink hair also increases the longevity of your Soukayna Lashes. Applying mascara over mink hair deteriorates the quality of the lashes. 

Can I swim with my Soukayna Lashes?

We do not recommend swimming while wearing false lashes for it will ruin the integrity of the lash itself. 

How do I remove eyelash glue residue off the bands of my falsies after taking them off?

We recommend to use an ear swab with a makeup remover and swab over the band, making the residue easier to take off. If the residue still doesn't come off, delicately remove with a pair of tweezers without compromising the lash band. 

Can I wear my Soukayna Lashes over my lash extentions?

We do not recommend to wear any false lashes on top of lash extentions for the eyelash glue will comprise your eyelash extentions and possibly create more lash fall out. 

How do you apply Soukayna Lashes?

The beauty of Soukayna Lashes is how flexible and comfortable the cotton bands are- making it for the easiest of applications. Soukayna Lashes were designed to fit every eye shape, giving a little more band length for you to measure and cut to fit your eye. Here is a step by step video on how to apply false lashes  - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9jIAbk5Cpo