Just the girl who went for it.

"I've always wanted to create and I have always wanted to make people feel good about themselves. This is my opportunity to do what I love and to give back to the world. Two principals my Dad always told me to live by. Now I am living it more than ever."  
I am a Portland, Oregon based makeup artist who started designing false lashes for fun, turned dream into reality. At an early age all I knew I wanted to do was to help people in one way shape or form. I had developed a love for makeup and an obsession for lashes at the age of 14. I was known as the girl whose lashes were always "on point." Earlier in life I had gone through nursing school, graduated and realized it wasn't what I wanted to do. After a few years, many obstacles, taking time to focus on what I want to do in life, and with the help and support of friends and family, Soukayna Lashes was born. The passion I have for makeup and for creating is unquestionable. When there is passion, you don't count the hours doing what you love. I'm just the girl that went for it.
Summer of 2017 I had designed 31 different pairs of lashes of different styles. I did my research to find a factory that would reproduce my designs that were certified cruelty free. Out of the 34 that I reached out to, only 3 deemed credible that practiced cruelty free procedures. 31 styles were then narrowed down to 27. I wanted to be able to give people variety and the opportunity to explore different styles.
Now, the giving back part. I purposefully named each lash after cities around the world so that eventually I will feature a certain lash per month, and when purchased - a certain amount of proceeds will go to a charity within that country. With the help and suggestions of you. 
People have asked me what makes my lashes so different than others?
Each lash is hand crafted with the highest quality of naturally shed mink hair along with the most seamless cotton band to provide you with the most natural like feel and comfort of real lashes. Soukayna Lashes are 100% certified cruelty free harvested mink hair, making the longevity of these lashes to be worn up to 20+ times with proper care. They're the most comfortable, lightweight lashes you will ever try. 
Photography Credit: Tariq Abdellatif