When she says, "Weightless, Timeless, Perfection." That is literally what she delivers. I am in love. Thank you so much!
Audrey, 19 in Seattle, WA
AHH! I am so in love with these lashes I can't get over it! Love the concept and the styles. The most comfortable lashes I have ever worn.
Amber, 32 in Portland, OR
It's the band that gets me! I literally feel like I am not wearing anything on my eyes! I absolutely love my Soukayna Lashes and I can't wait to try more. Thank you again.
Maya, 25 in Portland, OR
I feel like a goddess when I wear these lashes. I can't get over how soft and light weight they are! Highly recommend to try them out. You won't regret it!
Rita, 23 in Los Angeles, CA
Ever since I have been wearing Soukayna Lashes, I have been getting compliments left and right no joke. The most beautiful lashes I have ever worn. Soukayna Lashes have been my go-to and I will always be from here on out.
Destiny, 21 in Salem, Or
For someone who constantly wears falsies, I gotta say Soukayna Lashes are the best I have come across. Jerusalem and Beirut lashes are my favorite.
Dena, 21 in Portland, OR


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